UT Elementary’s fifth grade program is run by teachers Erin Green and Nicholas Hall.


Erin Green


Erin Green has been with UT Elementary since the Spring of 2015, when she began student teaching under Scarlett Calvin and Mary Ledbetter.  Erin is passionate about social justice, and bases much of her curriculum around current events.  Erin pushes her students to think past the what, and ask why.  Conversations about race, religion, privilege, equality, and making change are not uncommon topics in Ms. Green’s classroom.  Simultaneously, her classroom is a place where a love for authentic, diverse literature flourishes.  Ms. Green’s goal for her students is that they would feel empowered to make change in the world around them, and that they would grow to have a lifelong love of literature.

Apart from her love of teaching, Erin loves reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with her dog, Creede. She spends her summers in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, where she leads backpacking trips.

Erin is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Social Studies Education at the University of Texas.


Nick Hall

Nick Hall is beginning his first year here at UT Elementary, and he will be teaching Mathematics and Science.  He is the son of two outstanding teachers and has taught at the elementary level for the last eighteen years here in Austin.
Nick loves to inspire children and adults alike with kindness, enthusiasm, and joyful energy.
When it comes to advancing skills in any particular area, Nick loves to put on his Coach Hall hat and get after it with great enthusiasm!   You will see him encouraging grit and a powerful growth mindset in order to maximize improvement through purposeful, steady practice.  He loves to use positive encouragement as fuel for inspiration and growth and encourages others to do the same.
Nick also has a passion for Shakespeare and the stage, and he loves to work with children throughout central Austin, teaching them works of William Shakespeare and preparing student performances to then  tour various Shakespeare festivals at the University in the spring.   See the University of Texas Shakespeare at Winedale for more information on this wonderful program.
Finally, Nick loves all sports, especially anything University of Michigan related.  You may even see Mr. Hall on recess teaching proper sports mechanics to willing kiddos and teachers.
Nick is grateful to be partnered with Erin Green, one of our world’s great educators and leaders and thankful to be a small, positive part of what is an incredible team here at UT Elementary in 2017.

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