Erin Green, M.Ed

Erin Green is a justice-oriented educator, student, writer, and researcher. She is a native Austinite and a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Texas. Both her research and her teaching experience focus on critical, anti-racist elementary social studies. She has taught both elementary and middle school, specializing in integrated social studies and language arts curriculum centered around social justice and the voices of the marginalized.

She has presented her innovative approaches to social studies and language arts education across the country at the National Conference for the Social Studies in both Washington DC and San Francisco, as well as at the National Conference for Teachers of English in Houston. She is a lifelong learner and educator, dedicated to working alongside and learning from her students and their communities.

Check out some videos, articles, and blog posts featuring Erin’s work with her students.

Teaching Hard History Podcast, Season 2 Episode 14

Inquiry Through the Lens of Identity, Erin Green and Dr. Katherina Payne in Social Studies and the Young Learner

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Newsela Students Vote: 2016 from Joe Salinas on Vimeo.

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