WWII on the Home Front, UC Berkeley, NEH 2019

How did WWII transform the California Bay Area and the nation?

  • mobilized the Bay Area and the entire United States in a way previously unseen before…closest to socialism we’ve ever gotten!
    • this mobilization shows us potential for how the United States could respond to climate crisis
  • exposed racism at home in ways that juxtaposed a fight for freedom abroad (this can arguably be said about every war the United States has ever fought in)


A critical examination of the World War II home front gives us mirrors, windows, and doors.

  • mirrors through which we can see how people like ourselves responded to the mobilization of the movement
    • it required every single person! If we interrogate the narrative deeply enough, we are all included
  • windows through which we can see the experiences of people very different than ourselves
    • how did people of color experience these times of war? how were their stories different than the people who look like us? how are these stories still being lived out today?
  • doors we can walk through and experience transformational change as we realize of the potential of the galvanizing spirit seen during this time period
    • responding to climate crisis


Day One: Marin Headlands, Battery Townsley




Day Two: Rosie the Riveter Memorial and National Park, SS Red Oak Victory, Richmond Shipyards


Day Three: Military Intelligence Service Historical Learning Center, Japantown & Fillmore walking tour, African American Art and Culture Center


Day Four: Marin Island Naval Museum

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