Middle School

We know that selecting the right middle school for your child is a big decision. Fortunately, we have some amazing schools in our area that provide a variety of excellent learning opportunities. Each year, UTES invites a variety of schools to present their programs to our students. In listening to the presentations and discovering what each school had to offer, many of our students begin to develop an interest in one or two specific schools.

Living here in Austin, our students have the rare opportunity to attend their home schools, or to apply to specialized Magnet and charter schools.


Determining the school that’s right for you:

  • Review what each program has to offer.
  • Take time at home to discuss your child’s future plans and interests. Ask your child which opportunities are most appealing and exciting to them.
  • Consider the academic, emotional and social needs of your child and which school might best meet those needs.
  • Talk to Ms. Green and Mr. Hall!  We aren’t experts, but we are familiar with a handful of schools, and we know and love your children.

Once you have narrowed down your decision, please notify teachers so we can help your family with the application processes.  UTES will provide guidance in the application process, but the ultimate responsibility to complete application documents by deadlines falls onto parents and students. We can provide paper copies of applications, teacher recommendations, and help with essays and portfolios.

For help developing essays, Ms. Green will provide two after school workshops in the Fall.  To participate in these workshops, students are expected to come with something already written, which Ms. Green can help to edit and revise.

Stay tuned for more information, dates, and announcements.


Websites for Magnet/Charter/Academy Schools:

Kealing Magnet

Ann Richards

Wayside Schools

KIPP Vista

NYOS Charter

IDEA Allan

Austin Discovery School

Fulmore Magnet

Lamar Fine Arts


Websites for AISD options:

Maplewood Elementary: Includes a 6th grade class

Covington: Includes a fine arts academy

O’Henry: Model SEL School

Small Middle School: Green Tech and STEM focus

Martin: Includes and Innovation Academy





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