Using Instagram as a Learning Tool

For the past month, I’ve been trying to integrate Instagram into our fifth grade classroom.  While on a beach run over Spring Break, I ran past a bunch of sand dunes, and my first thought was how I wanted to show my fifth graders.  We had been learning about weathering, erosion, and deposition, and the formation of sand dunes fell into this unit.  So of course, I wanted to show the kids!  And that’s when I thought, I wish we had a class Instagram!   So began the formation of @UTESfifthgrade.

I made this account over Spring Break, but didn’t get around to submitting it for approval until last week.  So today is the first official day we are using our Instagram!

Here are my hopes for this Instagram account:

  • Our students will take pride in seeing their successes and victories displayed on social media.
  • Our students will learn how to use social media safely and responsibly, both on our school account and on their personal accounts.
  • Our community will be strengthened by the opportunities to communicate outside of school, and they will feel loved and valued by their celebrated accomplishments
  • Learning will be extended beyond the school day by opportunities to apply the knowledge they have learned.
  • The outside community will be brought in and included in our classroom

Fifth graders are anxious to grow up and start using social media, so why not take advantage of that excitement, before they think their teachers are lame?  They still think that I’m cool (I think), and they don’t think being friends with me on social media is lame, so I’m going to trick them into learning. 😉 Follow along and see where our new adventure takes us!


image1 IMG_4852








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