Outdoor School 2015

This was my first year to experience Outdoor School as a teacher, and it was magical.  Our students had an incredible time bonding with each other and embarking upon new, unknown territory.  It was so fun for me to step a little bit out of my teacher role and to be fun and silly with them!  Here are just a few highlights:

IMG_7203 IMG_7217

IMG_7236 IMG_7243


IMG_7251The kids loved every minute of Outdoor School!  We had so much fun splashing around in our kayaks, many kids “accidentally” falling in a few times.  Every activity felt so special.  We had a blast and we are so appreciative to everyone who helped make this happen.  We came back to UTES with a newer, stronger, more intimate sense of a team than ever before.  We have learned so much about ourselves, our world, and each other.

We are so incredibly grateful for our selfless donors!!!  Our Little Longhorns say THANK YOU!!!  This trip has impacted each and every one of our students more than you can imagine.  Thank you thank you thank you.






4 responses to “Outdoor School 2015”

  1. hcweicker Avatar

    We, the general public, are so grateful for teachers like you and schools like UTES. I wish every child had this opportunity. Thank you thank you thank you.

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    1. erintaylorgreen Avatar

      Thank you so much! Teaching is a privilege. I am honored.


  2. Komika Sims Avatar

    My daughter RAVED about this experience. We are very grateful that she is a part of your class this year.


    1. erintaylorgreen Avatar

      She is a delight. I’m so glad she was able to join us at Outdoor School and that we will be able to experience so much more together this year. Thanks for your support, Komika!

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