The Civil Rights Movement: Final Timeline Presentation

12243385_10153837089529101_9118529946533122994_nWow.  I don’t even know how to start this post.  Last week, our fifth graders blew me away.  Seriously.  They had me in tears, and I wasn’t the only one.  I cannot express how rewarding it is as a teacher to see your students excel.  I had been so nervous (almost canceled the whole presentation) about their mastery of the material, and they really pulled it together in the end.  It’s amazing how much this unit meant to them.  This project was so meaningful to them, and they were so incredibly proud while presenting.

For their final presentations, after weeks and weeks of hard work and research (you can read more about that here), we brought all of our posters and research materials into the Klein Classroom to create one giant timeline covering eleven events in between the years of 1954 and 1965.  The students remained at their projects as our guests (third and fourth grade classes, visitors, donors, friends, and family) walked through the timeline, stopping at each project to hear more about the event.

This project was time consuming and stressful and made me want to pull my hair out at some points, but in the end it was all worth it.  I am one proud teacher.  Here’s a glimpse into their final presentations:

Discussing expectations (aka “you will take this seriously and you will not embarrass your rookie teacher”)
Mr. Klein talking with Paulina and Cameron about The March on Washington
Ahnsa and Delanie teaching third graders about the murder of Emmett Till



Wiley showing off his research on the Birmingham Church Bombing
Kelsey and Aylana teaching fourth graders about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (these are the hard working ladies who had me in tears)
Our display of Civil Rights literature and “share what you learned” board for visitors
Eddie and Idress showing off their Freedom Riders project (Andres cheesin’ in the middle)
Alejandro’s special biographical presentation on Martin Luther King Jr. (look at that cutie!!)


Ella proudly presenting the 1954 court decision of Brown v. Board of Education
Our fifth grade teachers (Alex and Enzo) smiling with me & their fourth grade students
Regan demonstrating her thorough knowledge of Freedom Summer


Victoria and Monica with their Greensboro Sit-Ins presentation
Chase, Alex, Enzo, and Camp discussing their projects on the Murder of Emmet Till

Great job, fifth graders!! I am SO proud of you.  You are changemakers.








2 responses to “The Civil Rights Movement: Final Timeline Presentation”

  1. Christy Avatar

    It was an amazing presentation. Learning about the civil rights movement from our kids was touching, and very real. Brought me to tears too. Thank you Ms. Green for inspiring them!

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  2. hcweicker Avatar

    Dear Ms. Green, I am glad to hear it was such a success. So sorry I missed it. I have not forgotten you and yours. Keep up he good work. Helen

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